Monday, October 10, 2011

should i start a new career

This question send by a person through Haiti, city Port au luise,he want to know about changing his career. The birth sign of this person is Pisces lord of this sign is Jupiter. Jupiter having place in fourth house with lord of third and 8th house Venus.The calculation of this grah yuti that Jataka changed his birth place and living another country for the career or for the environmental change.Moon sign is Libra and Moon having place in 8th house.Mars is the lord of money and luck,Mars having place in third house,it means Jataka having much knowledge about luck and religious jobs as per his community or society.Saturn having place in fifth house,and having place in Cancer sign,it makes habit to change mind when Jataka start to make jobs.Present time Rahu having Gochara in ninth house and having second place from 8th Moon,Rahu having relations with Saturn and ketu from lagana it also saying about changing career.Ketu making abilities of a business man who can manage business related to daily uses things.With Saturn ketu person has abilities about law and living regulations in other country.Rahu also making a helps through people of educational area,and from local government departments.If Jataka start to make jobs related to helps for people in area of education and start to make educational institutes for poor or persons those are not able to take education,it also called jobs related to NGO or by a personal community.Changing of present time jobs not good up to 31st December 2011. 

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