Saturday, October 8, 2011

When I will be relieved of current financial crisis?

This question from a lady from Tamil Nadu India. Birth chart belongs to Gemini birth sign and Aquarius Moon sign. Moon having place in ninth house,in Dhanishtha Nakshtra and third Pada. Lord of Moon sign is Saturn, the lord of Moon Nakshtra is Mars and lord of Pada is Venus.Lord money house is Moon and lord of profits is Mars, by the Moon sign lord of Money is Saturn and lord of profits Jupiter.Saturn Jupiter both are retrograde and having place in seventh house from Moon sign with Mars.Lord of money from Moon sign is Saturn and having retrograde position,it makes good knowledgeable person by the partner ship,Lord of profits Jupiter also retrograde and making sens about gains by quick matters,it also makes retrograde position in family generation, like no pleasure of male child.

Lord of money and lord of profit having place in the sign of Government and lord of this sign is Sun.Sun having place in second house from Moon sign and makes good position.From last period sense about that period like 24 months from today,this lady made heavy expenditures in contract ship or in partner basis systems,from October 2010 one partner of one job started opposite and losses beard by this lady,from last August second job or partner also started same position and money in trouble,it makes losses and financial crisis.

Some matters also making negative points in life by the position of Saturn in 8th house from Moon sign and it will be going in legal wise by the court causes or by the fraud implements through business or through loan etc. It will start from month of December 2011.

Present time Sun having Grahan yoga by Rahu it making gochara from 10th house,that related to jobs of this lady,and Sun that have lord ship of seventh house,it indicate about jobs are in confusions,this time will be continue up to Jan.2013.

Require remedies of Rahu,for the quick relief from bad effects of financial troubles.   

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