Saturday, October 8, 2011

When will I get married and would like to know about my spouse?

This birth chart related to Scorpio Lagana and the lord of this chart is Mars.Mars having place in 8th house with Sun. Jupiter is Retrograde in this birth chart and having place in third house with Capricorn sign it indicate one marriage proposal or marriage after complete destroyed by the effects of Saturn Retrograde with Ketu and Dhoom Star (like Rahu) from 12th house of this birth chart. Rahu having place in sixth house with Venus,it belongs to make confusion in mind related matters of marriage and marriage time.Jupiter also having relations with Mercury it is the lord of 8th and sixth house, means the person who will make marriage this person has relations with aboard jobs and also has residence in aboard country.The relations will fix by the helps of grand sister or this type person who is well wisher of the family.This person also has deep relations like affair. Venus and Rahu in the area of medical banking and related to home basis treatments of banking or medical type things.Person who has deep relations with this person also from medical or communication line or has good knowledge in media publishing or making reports related to medical. The time of marriage seeing when Jupiter will make relations with Ketu in 12th house,this relation will be possible near 19th April 2012.


  1. mera nam pooja hai kya meri love married hogi ya arrenge pls btaye maharaj ji

  2. Replies
    1. meri janam tithi 1 oct 1991 hai krapya btaye hogi to kb tk hogi

  3. gurudev namaskar
    name- pradeep kumar
    meri shaddi kab tak hogi aur love married hogi ya arrenge
    kripya batye