Friday, June 8, 2012

5th Rahu 7th Ketu in Cancer Sign

KETU IN THE 11TH HOUSE, RAHU IN THE 5TH HOUSE: Ketu in the 11th house indicates that the native has experienced happiness through fulfilling their goals and realizing their desires. There has generally been an excess of external living as well as dependence upon peers of like-minded individuals to provide security. In this lifetime Ketu gives a growing discontent with these things and a tendency to get involved with groups that do not provide the expected happiness which leaves the native less enthusiastic about their involvement.
     Rahu in the 5th house indicates mental disquiet and the need for the native to focus on what they, themselves, are inspired towards. Generally, the native has some confusion about what they are inspired towards, and the result is generally a discontented mentality. If Rahu is causing a raja yoga, however, the native may be incredibly focused and creative. There is particularly a need for the native to validate themselves for their activities and to express what they are inspired to express for its own sake rather than for the sake of acceptance or validation by others. Rahu here often forces this by creating a loss of dignity.

KETU IN TAURUS, RAHU IN SCORPIO: Ketu in Taurus indicates that the native in recent past lives has attempted to create security by being secure in the material world, this usually means through wealth and practical resourcefulness. Identifying with these has provided security and stability in a world that is not entirely so. In this lifetime Ketu indicates a growing discontentment with materiality, as well as a tendency to disrupt any material structures of security, and in so doing the evolutionary goal of Ketu to free the native from material attachments is accomplished. Ketu in Taurus also indicates that the native is completing their karmas with respect to those material things that have provided security. Those things being indicated by the house position of Ketu as well as the planets influenced by Ketu.
    Rahu in Scorpio indicates incredibly strong needs, needs that are not fulfilled by any security that the physical world has to offer. This may cause the native to compulsively feed of something that appears to fulfill a need, but when it is seen that this need is not fulfilled, another is sought. As long as the native is attempting to fulfill their needs through any physical manifestation, they will find themselves feeling empty and unfulfilled. As they are able to gain more inner security, they become capable of greater happiness.
     Ketu in Taurus also indicates strong material attachments formed in recent past lives, while Rahu in Scorpio indicates the transmutation of these attachments as a result of experiencing a lack of security.
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