Sunday, June 10, 2012

Capricorn's Moon in 2nd House.

The lord of seventh house of Capricorn is Moon. If Moon has place in 2nd house, it means the Jataka has two relations at a time. But relations only makes emotional path for Jataka, Not any type worldly nature possible with with this Moon. The house of money and physical wealth belongs to 2nd house, and Moon only want physical wealth, and emotionally connection with Jataka. Moon's conductivities with 8th house,and this house only show about fill desire of sex by the cost of money, when Jataka stop money providing to Moon, the Moon stop activities of body pleasure to Jataka. Moon also describe the emotional relations with olde age female. The relation of Moon here mother of elder brother's wife. Illegal relations with a person who is mother in law of elder brother. Moon has relation to Mars of 8th house, here Moon always want money by the sexual relations with Mars, after fifth Jupiter if Mars in fourth house it means Jataka living with four brothers and after Jupiter Mercury saying that Jataka has one elder sister too.

Rahu in 11th house and Moon has place fourth from Rahu. Rahu is the birth creator of Moon, and saying birth of Moon from a place that leave by Moon for always. From Moon in fourth house Jupiter, Retrograde Venus Ketu Sun having place. It means Moon having two sons and four daughters, Venus is the first daughter, that return from her in law's house and living near moon's house.second daughter is mercury and living in same place of first daughter's house.Third daughter living in same city of Moon and fourth daughter's marriage seeing in south east corner of city, and husband of fourth daughter having four brother more. Husband of fourth daughter is third from his brother and fourth from his sister and brother.

Retrograde Saturn has place 8th from Moon, it means infection seeing in private part of Moon, Mars from Moon in 7th saying that hospital and operations created with private part and Moon has high infected disease that can dangerous for Moon.Reason of death of Moon seeing by the infection of private part. and when Saturn will leave retrograde position that time death of Moon sure seeing.


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