Friday, June 8, 2012

Rahu with Sun

Rahu & Sun (Only son near the sea)
The influence of Rahu to the Sun indicates an evolutionary urge to develop the personality, individuality, creative will and expression. The native is generally self-willed and appears magnetic, powerful and confident. What the native actually feels, however, is entirely different.

They generally feel very insecure and not stable or grounded in themselves. The expression of confidence and power is what they hope to realize, which only happens when they become secure in their individuality.

The native projects strength and power, though experiencing doubts and lack of confidence in an attempt to compensate for their weakness. This can never result in their really feeling confident and the result is a breakdown of all that they thought was important to their self-development, in other words an identity crisis.

The urge to develop their creative will causes them to look upon everything that comes their way as an opportunity to manifest their goals or desires. In natives exhibiting self-centered tendencies this may create a personality that believes that everybody else is there for them.

Generally the native has not had his masculine side validated for the qualities that are true to ones self, one's svadharma. This causes inner frustration and turmoil with regards to what one's focus and purpose in life is. Not feeling confident and secure in one's svadharma creates stagnation of the best sides of oneself.

Oftentimes the native has had a role placed upon him that was not true to his nature but instead an ideal someone else had for him. This ideal often includes some concept that the native is better than others are or special. This helps to reinforce an expression of confidence and strength over the insecure core of their self and individuality.

In time the native gains opportunities to develop their personalities along their natural lines and to learn that they are no different, better or worse than others, but only different in the roles they play. It usually takes them a long time to feel secure and comfortable with themselves and their place in life.

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