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Prashna Kundli as per Vedic Astrology

Lagna lord in the 7th: If an evil Graha, the wife will not live. If an auspicious Graha, one will roam about or be poor or indifferent or even a king.

2nd lord in the 11th: Fully endowed with all gains, high in assemblies, esteemed and praised by people. Government services possible friends supports in money matters father and son makes good for the society.

3RD LORD: If the 3rd lord is in the 12th house, the native will spend on evil deeds, will have a wicked father and will be fortunate through a female.Spent time with religious activities gains through postal department high interest in walking or making journey in places those famous in culture.Very good writer and can make prediction of astrology or can write paranormal strength.Always makes expanses in outer activities short loan always live.

4TH LORD: If the 4th lord is in the 11th house, the native will have fear of secret disease; he will be liberal, virtuous, charitable, and helpful to others.Living in gains area emotional friends make support.

5TH LORD: If the 5th lord is in the 2nd house, the native will have many sons and wealth, be a pater familiars, honorable, attached to his spouse, and famous in the world.Can acquire money quick in mean time.Political support always. 

6TH LORD: If the 6th lord is in the 11th house, the native will gain wealth through his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous, and will be somewhat bereft of progenitor happiness.Can find money or position by the loan matters can make good work for hospitals and can support to his/her friends in ill time.

7TH LORD: If the 7th lord is in the 3rd house, the native will face loss of children and sometimes, with great difficulty, there will exist a living son. There is also the possibility of birth of a daughter (who will sustain)personality always good with spouse service in media postal services or in news paper. If male many female relations possible and if female then choice with cosmetic things can sing can dance and can change face expression as per time's situations.
8TH LORD: If the 8th lord is in the 3rd house, the native will be devoid of fraternal happiness, be indolent, and devoid of servants and strength.
9TH LORD: If the 9th lord is in the 11th house, the native will enjoy financial gains day by day, be devoted to elders, virtuous, and meritorious in acts.

10TH LORD: If the 10th lord is in the 2nd house, the native will be wealthy, virtuous, honored by the king, charitable, and will enjoy happiness from father and others.

11TH LORD: If the 11th lord is in the 11th house, the native will gain in all his undertakings while his learning and happiness will be on the increase day by day.

12TH LORD: If the 12th lord is in the 12th house, the native will only face heavy expenditure, will-not have physical happiness, be irritable and spiteful.

"The person born in Cancer lagna will have sumptuous meals, clothing and jewels, a soft voice, and a mind inclined to fraud, but will be virtuous in acts. They are bulky and take delight in dwelling in the mansions of other people." -Jataka Parijata

Moon, or Lagna, in Cancer according to Brihat Jataka: "The individual is in the habit of going fast and his body is not straight, it is somewhat crooked, his hips are elevated, he is completely under the grasp of his wife and other women. He is a good friend and astrologer. He possesses a good many houses and there are many ups and downs in his wealth like the wanings and waxings of the Moon. He is of short stature, his neck is broad. He can be brought over by sweet words, he loves his friends very much and is found engaged in making tanks and gardens that he likes."

Sravana: One is prosperous and fortunate, versed in the Vedas, with a noble and distinguished wife, wealth and fame.

MOON IN CAPRICORN: The individual always cherishes and supports his wife and children, but is a hypocrite in religion. The lower half of his body is lean and thin. His eyes are nice and graceful and his waist is slender. He is open to advice, and has a very retentive memory; he is fortunate but idle. He is unable to bear cold and is prone to travel. He is strong and liberal, and composer of literary works.  He is covetous and holds illicit intercourse with tabooed old women  (of low caste). He is shameless and heartless.

SUN IN TAURUS: The individual born will earn his livelihood as a cloth merchant, or will sell sweet scents and oils, or will become general merchant. He will dislike the company of his wife or other females and will be skilled in singing and music.

MARS IN LEO: One born under this combination will become poor and enduring, a wanderer in the forests, and will possess a few wives and children.

MERCURY IN GEMINI: The individual born under this combination will talk much (ironically), will become well versed in Sastras and fine arts, music, painting, singing, &c., will speak sweet words and will always be fond of ease and convenience.

JUPITER IN TAURUS OR LIBRA: The man born will possess a strong and vigorous body free from diseases, will always be in possession of wealth. He will have friends and sons and will be unselfish, charitable, and liked by all.

VENUS IN TAURUS OR LIBRA: The individual will earn money by one's own prowess or intellect, will be honored by kings, will be a head amongst his own friends and relations, and will become famous and fearless.

SATURN IN GEMINI OR VIRGO: The individual, will be shameless, miserable, poor, and a sonless person. The man will make mistakes in writing and painting, will be an illiterate, a jailer, or will become a chief of an assembly or a chief officer.

SUN: If the Sun is in the eleventh house, onee will become very wealthy.

MOON: If the Moon is in the seventh house, the native will be jealous of other's property and will be strongly passionate.

MARS: If Mars is in the second house, the native will eat very low and coarse meals.

MERCURY: If Mercury is in the remaining houses, the effects will be like the Sun. If the Sun is in the twelfth house, one will become a fallen and ruined man.

JUPITER : If Jupiter is in the eleventh house, the native will be profiting. 

VENUS: The results of the other houses are the same as those of Jupiter in those places. If Jupiter is in the eleventh house, the native will be profiting. 

SATURN: The results of the other houses are the same as those of the Sun. If the Sun occupies the third house, the native will become intelligent and powerful.

SUN: One with the Sun in the 11th will become very rich, will have amicable servants and be dear to the king.

MOON: Should the Moon be in the 7th, the native will be close to his wife, be a leading person in the king's employ and will be liberal.

MARS: The native who has Mars in the 2nd will have high incidence of expenses, a limb crippled, and be harsh in speech.

MERCURY: If Mercury is in the 12th, one will be cruel, unkind, and a spend thrift.

JUPITER: When Jupiter is in the 11th, the person will have gains from virtuous sources, become head of a treasury, principal member of his clan, and well versed.

VENUS: Venus in 11th,  gives superior knowledge, wealth, kindness, gains, and satisfaction. 

SATURN: If Saturn is in the 3rd, one will be brave, unkind, witty, and disrespected.

SUN-JUPITER: One will be virtuous, a minister of the king, will gain through friends, have a good mind and be a preceptor.

SUN-VENUS: One will be skillful in use of weapons, be mighty, weak-sighted in old age, able to amuse the public and will have abundant money earned through women.

JUPITER-VENUS: One will live by education and debates, will follow a highly virtuous path, will have an accurate conception or notion (of things), and will have a supreme wife.

SUN-JUPITER-VENUS: The native will be weak-sighted, bold, intelligent, indigent, a minister and devoted to others' works.
"The native who has three or more planets together in lagna, 10th or 9th, will engage himself in multifarious activities, have numerous good qualities, be extremely intelligent, and enjoy like a lord of wealth." -Hora Sara

SUN-JUPITER: If the Sun and Jupiter are in the lagna, 9th, 10th, or 11th house, then the  native has strong command and fame and will be inaccessible (i.e. he will be too big a person to be reached by all).

SUN-VENUS: The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in the 10th, 8th, or 5th house makes a person equal to a king, famous, and mighty. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus occurring in other houses will give only penury and unhappiness.

JUPITER-VENUS: If Jupiter and Venus join in the 1st, 5th, 9th, or 8th house, then the native will enjoy wife, wealth and sons. Should Jupiter and Venus be conjunct in other houses, one will be troubled by diseases and be sorrowful.

SUN IN VENUS' RASI ASPECTED BY: The Moon, one will be addicted to prostitutes, soft spoken, have many women as dependents, and will derive their livelihood through water.

MOON IN CAPRICORN ASPECTED BY: The Sun, one will be penniless, miserable, of wandering nature, interested in others' work, dirty and clever.

MOON IN CAPRICORN ASPECTED BY: Mars, one will enjoy abundant riches, is highly liberal, fortunate, wealthy, has conveyances and is brave.

MOON IN CAPRICORN ASPECTED BY: Jupiter, the native will be a king, incomparably brave, having royal qualities, and will possess many wives, children and friends.

MOON IN CAPRICORN ASPECTED BY: Venus, one will join others' wives, is endowed with wealth, ornaments, conveyances, garlands etc., is blameworthy and issueless.

MARS IN LEO ASPECTED BY: The Moon, the native will be ominous for his mother, intelligent, possessing a hard body, widely famous and one will obtain money through women.

MERCURY IN OWN RASI ASPECTED BY: Saturn, one will be progressive-minded, modest, achieving success in undertakings started by him, and wealthy with money and clothes.

JUPITER IN VENUS' RASI ASPECTED BY: The Moon, the native will be abundantly rich, very calm, sweet, dear to his mother and wife, and enjoying many pleasures.

VENUS IN OWN RASI ASPECTED BY: The Moon, one is born of an excellent mother, endowed with happiness, wealth, respect and sons, having great excellence and splendor.

SATURN IN MERCURY'S RASI ASPECTED BY: Mercury, one will be rich, skillful in war, a dance master, a skillful singer, and an expert in arts.
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