Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moon in Different houses

Moon is the satellite of Earth. Moon gives positive and negative strength to Earth from other Stars. There are two values of Moon,one positive makes slowly up to 15 days and one negative makes slowly up to 15 days. When a positive values of other star comes to Earth,and Moon has negative values it means the positive values converted in negative values,and if any star gives negative values to earth, and Moon has positive then the strength of star convert in positive through negative. It means Moon is responsible for making good to bad and bad to good.

By the relations Moon is mother from fourth house, teacher from fifth house also third sister from fifth house, in sixth house Moon has strength of relation like a aunt or like a maternal aunt. in seventh house gives results like a fraud life mate, in 8th house gives hard work and hidden knowledge ninth house makes gives values of luck but values convert quick good and quick bad. In tenth house Moon always care like a father but care by alone mother. Career also makes in public services. Elder sister in 11th house or emotional friend. In 12th house Moon makes much helps through paranormal strength, and care like a angle though sky.

Sun and Moon always in favor life long if Moon makes conductivities with cruel stars like Mars Rahu Sun from 6th 8th or from 12th then Sun also makes bad results to Moon. Mercury makes laughing nature of person, Mars makes bad nature by any type of results and with Venus Moon always in tension like a daughter in law and mother's nature. With Saturn Moon always act like a freezing water and with Rahu makes life long tension with ketu gives nature of helping people by the different kinds of work.

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